We're looking for 16-19 year olds to make a film responding to the themes in Shakespeare's Roman plays.

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Shakespeare's Roman plays invite us to explore lots of different themes and ideas. As part of our film challenge, in partnership with Samsung, we're asking students across the UK to create a film and share it with us.

What should be in my film?

Films will need to respond to one of the following three provocations that were explored in our recent conferences:

  • Politics is inherently unfair in a system where it will always be the few making decisions on behalf of the many.
  • The art of rhetoric has no power or place in modern politics. 
  • The qualities we admire in male leaders are seen as negative in women. 

The below series of Samsung films should help give you some inspiration and advice when approaching your film.

Reading the Guide

Once you have decided which provocation you want to focus on you will need to read our Film Challenge Guide and plan your content.

You will need to read the guide carefully as there are some specific things that will need to be in your film before you can submit it.

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How do I submit my film?

Your film will need to be sent in via email to film.challenge@rsc.org.uk and must meet the following requirements:

  • Be less than five minutes long
  • Be in MP3 or MP4 format

You will also need to download and complete a submission form and attach it to your email. Only entries with a completed form can be accepted. Please make sure you have completed all the parts of the form.

The closing date for submissions has now been extended to 18 October 2017.

What will happen with my film?

A number of the submitted films will be shared online in November 2017 to celebrate the end of the Rome season.

Participants will also have the opportunity to come to London for an invitation-only Showcase where a selection of the films will be shared with guests on 7 November. 

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Responding to the provocations

In the below films, hear the reactions and responses of experts, students, RSC actors and conference participants who have been considering the same provocations. Why not consider:

  • Do their responses surprise you?
  • Is there anything they discuss that you can use in your own film?
  • What new questions do they raise?