A programme of one day conferences and digital experiences for A-Level students.

Shakespeare's Roman plays address so many important and relevant themes, asking us to explore how and why people become leaders and what our roles are as citizens.

To help us explore these ideas we are asking you to consider three different statements:

  • Politics is inherently unfair in a system where it will always be the few making decisions on behalf of the many. 
  • The art of rhetoric has no power or place in modern politics. 
  • The qualities we admire in male leaders are seen as negative in women. 

Do you agree or disagree with these statements? How have systems and views changed and have they changed enough? 

Join us in exploring these central questions in one of the following ways:

A young woman smiles broadly as she talks to another young woman as they stand in the auditorium
Photo by Rob Freeman © RSC – Image Licensing

You can discover more about the plays in the Rome Season, including Julius Caesar and Antony & Cleopatra, and the themes we are exploring throughout the For the Good of Rome programme on this page throughout March and April.  

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