Created specially for 7 to 13 year olds, this production toured to schools across England last year. Here's what Year 6 pupils from Archibald Primary School thought of the production.

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First Encounters with Shakespeare: The Comedy of Errors travelled to Middlesbrough for performances at Macmillan Academy. Pupils from Macmillan Academy took part in the performance. We watched with an audience of Year 7 pupils and we were thoroughly entertained. The show was amazing, funny and we loved it!

The comedy the actors brought to their roles had us crying with laughter. We felt they were making this up for us, to make us laugh. We felt we were part of the show. 

There were over 100 pupils in the room and there was lots of laughter in the audience. The music was amazing and seemed to come from nowhere at the start of the play. The actors were very talented, playing instruments and making music all the way through. We thought this was one of the best plays we have ever seen and we hadn't realised Shakespeare even did comedies!

As a class, we discussed what we thought about how successful the actors were in explaining the story. The costumes for both Antipholus characters were very similar in style and colours and we felt this gave the first understanding that these characters were linked. This was the same for the Dromio characters. Overall the actors playing each pair of twins behaved and moved in very similar ways and this did convince us that the were twins. Because of this, we understood the story. 

The stage looked amazing. Everything the actors needed was on stage. They even made up people from the objects around them. The same music was used for different things such as, moving the stage around or when different actors came on. The music was live and not on a sound system; this was amazing for us to hear and it made us really listen carefully to the words and music. 

We think it is important to learn about Shakespeare's plays as the stories are great and we love learning how English was spoken in the past. We laughed all afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed this performance We would highly recommend this play to others - it is definitely for children.

Written by Year 7 pupils, Archibald Primary School, Middlesbrough

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