Teachers taking part in a CPD course

Teaching Shakespeare: Online Professional Development is designed for serving teachers and theatre practitioners working with students aged 8 and above, from very experienced teachers to those beginning their professional careers.

Teaching Shakespeare will appeal in particular to English and Language Arts teachers, Drama and Theatre teachers working with 11-16 years olds, and teachers of 8-11 year olds who specialise in literacy development. Teaching Shakespeare will also provide an invaluable resource for teachers working with international students aged 16-18, who are meeting Shakespeare for the first time.

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Benefits of Teaching Shakespeare Professional Development
Teaching Shakespeare offers you a combination of world-leading artistic, educational and academic expertise from the RSC and the University of Warwick with a shared passion for teaching Shakespeare with students.

We have worked together over many years to produce high quality professional development programmes for teachers. Our work is continually refined and developed with teachers and students, so our courses and resources combine approaches that really work in the classroom with a carefully structured programme of study.

From the evidence of our work to date we know that Teaching Shakespeare will enable you to:

  • Teach Shakespeare more effectively so students make significant progress and improve their attainment
  • Broaden and deepen your subject knowledge
  • Enjoy your teaching more and build better relationships with your students
  • Be inspired to share your passion for Shakespeare with students
  • Attain valuable qualifications to support your career development  
  • Develop pedagogical skills that can be applied across other areas of teaching

Impact on Students
Our research has established that active approaches not only improve student attitudes to Shakespeare but also have a significant impact on their attainment. We have evidence of statistically significant increases in attainment in literacy, communication and interpersonal skills, and our approach has also been validated in peer-reviewed articles in leading international Shakespeare, Education and Drama Education journals.  


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