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Crook Primary Year 3 Project

Schools that are currently in the third year of the LPN are creating some very exciting projects, building on the work of the past two years.  One example is Crook Primary School in County Durham which developed a Macbeth writing project with their cluster of six other local schools. 

After two INSET days and work back in school, students and teachers curated an interactive exhibition which took place at Crook Primary on 19 March. The pupils' written work was displayed and supported by performances, and audience members were encouraged to actively interact with the exhibits. Audience members were thrilled by the work, illustrated by the quotes below. Thank you to Crook Primary and its partner schools for your commitment to the project and fantastic ideas. 

'The standard of writing that has stemmed from this project and exhibition has been astounding, demonstrating how powerful this kind of media can be in inspiring children and adults alike.  Some boys in particular who are generally reluctant writers really turned a corner during this project and are producing work of a much higher standard than they previously had.'

'The good part about it was for me the way that each school interpreted the play in such a different way.  The standard of writing achieved by all schools was very good - this was of course the intention so achieved.'

'The quality of what the Crook cluster produced was exceptional.  The piece of work came across to the audience as a real ensemble rather than simply a collection of pieces produced by different primary schools. I am extremely proud of what has been achieved.'

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