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Ticket Price Details

Tickets for disabled people are £16* in the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, wherever you choose to sit. Should you need the services of a companion (including wheelchair users) their ticket is also £16*.

For the prices at our London performances, please call the Box Office on 01789 331275.

Seating Requirements

Please use the box below to tell us about any specific seating requirements, whether you wish to book for an audio described, captioned, signed or relaxed performance, or if you require a wheelchair position.

Wheelchair positions are located at or near the following seats for all performances and events in the specified venues.

Please indicate which position(s) you would prefer in the seating requirements box.

RST Auditorium
Stalls: 1. K24 (Wheelchair position) / K25 (Companion seat), 2. K30 (Wheelchair position) / K31 (Companion seat), 3. K33 (Wheelchair position) / K34 (Companion seat across the aisle), 4. K41 (Companion seat across the aisle) / K45 (Wheelchair position), 5. K47 (Wheelchair position) / K48 (Companion seat), 6. K52 (Companion seat) / K53 (Wheelchair position)
Circle: 1. B46 (Companion seat across the aisle) / B48 (Wheelchair position), 2. B51 (Wheelchair position) / B52 (Wheelchair position)

Please note that all positions are subject to availability.
If your choice is not available, we will contact you.

Please note your booking will not have been processed until you receive a confirmation email from the Box Office.
We will aim to respond within one working day.
*Some prices for certain events and performances may be slightly different to the standard access rate. Box Office hours are midday - 6pm, Monday - Friday.