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★★★★Daily Telegraph

‘Inventive, playful, captivating...A bonkers trip to the Forest of Arden’

‘A sublime central performance from Lucy Phelps as Rosalind’

‘The eternal madness of desire is infectiously relayed’

★★★★Mail on Sunday

‘Kimberley Sykes’ playful production’

‘Lucy Phelps and Sophie Khan Levy ooze chemistry… some wonderful comedy comes from her character’s banter with Khan’s stroppy Celia’

‘Phelps shines as the lead’

‘David Ajao exude relaxed charm as Orlando’

‘A leafy visual spectacular graces the finale’

‘Captures the joy of falling in love’

The Guardian

‘The Forest of Arden has rarely felt more appealing’

‘Lucy Phelps’s Rosalind is the show’s heart and focal point, and a genuinely modern heroine’

‘Phelps is a natural physical comedian, and she winks, shrugs, giggles and wiggles her way into the audience’s affection’

‘Delivered by Sophie Stanton [Jacques] with a sort of nonchalant wisdom, Shakespeare’s most famous speeches suddenly sound new again’


‘A coup de théâtre finale’

‘Lucy Phelps’s Rosalind is the show’s heart and focal point, and a genuinely modern heroine’

‘A boisterous performance from Lucy Phelps’

‘Sandy Grierson's grotesquely vaudeville Touchstone exploits elements of farcical humour’

‘Antony Byrne is typically commanding in the roles of both fraternal Dukes’

‘Sophie Khan Levy offers a delightful foil to Phelps' Rosalind’

‘Bretta Gerecke's costumes look fabulous’

The Stage

‘Sunny, lively and bubbly’

‘Lucy Phelps make an affable, expressive Rosalind… warm and funny’

‘David Ajao is a charismatic, swaggering Orlando’

‘Kimberley Sykes’ production is studded with song, performed delicately and melodically by Emily Johnstone’

‘In one of the production’s most enjoyable sequences, he [Sandy Grierson’s Touchstone] calls upon Tom Dawze’s bashful William to assist in his wooing of Charlotte Arrowsmith’s Audrey through British Sign Language. This three-way exchange is delightful and wittily staged’

Daily Mail

'Big, bright and loud Shakespearean comedy'

‘Lucy Phelps is mighty good as Rosalind, with an energetic, hockey sticks vibe…her command of the poetry, the wit - and the room - is something to behold’

‘Sophie Khan Levy, too, is pure gold as her co-conspirator Celia’

Evening Standard

‘Lucy Phelps’s Rosalind is a lovely, livewire performer’

‘[Rosalind’s] bond of deep and playful friendship with Sophie Khan Levy’s spirited Celia is a joy’