Day Four - Lighting and a Director's Talk

Does lighting add something special to the RSC's theatres? Does it help the audience feel emotions? Does it add a whole different dimension to a Shakespeare play?

From what I have seen here at the RSC the answer is 'Yes'. They have some of the world's best lighting technology and also some of the best lighting designers and lighting programmers in the country.

Lights are not just to light up an actor on the stage but it is also used to:

  • set the mood of a play
  • show different times in the day e.g. early morning, evening
  • help with setting a time period

The lighting in Julius Caesar is amazing and it makes the audience feel like they are in a sports stadium. This is helped by the many flood lights used in the theatre not only on stage but hanging them above the audiences' heads in the auditorium.

The Directors' Talk
We were fortunate enough to catch a few wise words of wisdom from the Associate Director of Julius Caesar - Gbolahan Obisesan.

He began the workshop with some team building games that aimed to improve our spatial awareness and relationship with the other actors. We then engaged in a question and answer season - firing a load of queries about directing that were met with both helpful and refreshingly witty replies from Gbolahan.

Finally we finished the workshop by having a go at directing ourselves - which was harder than expected, especially when with stubborn actors with their own ideas!

The workshop was good fun giving an interesting look at the life of a director, as well as being able to have the experience of using our own creativity to interpret and direct an extract from a popular piece of Shakespeare.

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