Murder Most Foul

Dear Brett

We watched Sir Antony Sher's documentary about your murder today.
I watched a film about your murder today.
I saw your mother in pain and your father crying.
I saw your best friend not being able to speak...

Brett YOU should be here not ME!!!!

This is the most incredible experience of my life being here but I'd give it all up for your family to have one more minute with you... I'm sorry I can't truly articulate how this has made me feel but it has affected me on such a deep level that I'm not sure what to do with myself.

Antony Sher and Greg Doran were there watching with us and took us for a drink after to talk it out and I think that helped to some degree... but in some deluded part of my mind while watching the film I kept thinking that you were going to live.

I can't raise people from the dead and I can't magic away pain and I can't really do anything useful in this world... all I can do is act and it's all I really know. But I promise you Brett here and now I am going to keep you alive.

I'll be better tomorrow but know that I truly do wish it was you here not me.

So much love,

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