Dear Brett

Today was yet another glorious day. I woke to the sounds of life mixed with nature outside and walked downstairs to yet another cooked breakfast and the warm company of a buzzing guest house dining room. We are staying in a place called 'Broadlands' run by the most amazing couple, Tamara and Jeremy. It feels like a home away from home and we are settling in quite comfortably.

I walked out the front door this morning and glanced down the busy little road, littered with B&Bs, and enjoyed the buzz of activity around the area. Stratford is a very busy little place and it constantly seems to surprise me... there was traffic!! I'm not entirely sure why, but there it was... blocking the roads and suddenly the memory of Johannesburg came to mind as I walked to venue where class was about to begin.

Movement class with Struan, Head of Movement here at the RSC, a workshop on 'Antony and Cleopatra' and then an interesting exploration of the body through a technique called 'Feldenkrais'; truly a remarkable technique and after two hours of this class, with a wonderfully inspiring man called Richard Cave, I felt like I'd been at a health spa for a day.

I went to meet some of the actors after their show in the evening and the sun was setting over the river and the ducks were making perfect V shapes behind them as they floated aimlessly down stream. I walked alone down the street and noticed the street lamps shining down on the foot path looking just like a set from 'My Fair Lady'.

I walked past the stage door and felt it calling me to a place I know I would feel most comfortable. Being in the company of actors is a wonderful thing and I spent the better part of the evening at the good old pub talking and listening and realising the actor is an amazing creature and we are all the same across the world, we have different lived experiences and different forms of training but essentially we all speak the same language. When I get home to South Africa I don't think I'll feel as far from this reality as I geographically am.

I so wish you were here.

So much love,

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