Revenue cut but capital funding secure for The Other Place


We are delighted to have been awarded £3m capital funding to reinstate our studio theatre, The Other Place, but at the same time we face a 6.7% revenue cut.

This comes after taking the equivalent of a 24% cut over the last six years. Although this is what we had anticipated, it will be difficult to manage.

The arts have demonstrated a brilliant case for public investment over the years and it is an act of creative myopia to continue to squeeze funding. Public investment in the arts is as important as in physical infrastructure. To be a successful nation we need new ways of seeing the world and an inspired, creative younger generation.

We are relieved that ACE has maintained grants to many regional theatres, but it is disappointing to see companies losing out, like our friends the wonderful Little Angel Theatre. No man is an island entire of itself.

As the economy picks up, it is worth remembering what great art gives us and the great return we get as a country on an investment of only 0.05% of government funding.

Let's not leave the arts behind again as the economy starts to grow. Let's be proud of Shakespeare, Britain's greatest artist, and let's invest in the artistic talent of future generations. Let's be proud of the brilliant work we can enjoy throughout the country and support arts organisations to open their doors to as many people as possible from all walks of life.


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