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We have just published a new edition of Shakespeare's works in partnership with Palgrave Macmillan publishers.

It's the first edition in over a hundred years of the Shakespeare Apocrypha; a group of plays in which new research has detected Shakespeare's hand.

The hardback book is called William Shakespeare and Others: Collaborative Plays and is available to buy from the RSC online shop at and in our theatre shop now, priced £25.

Meet Shakespeare the reviser, rewriter and collaborator
Over the years, the mysterious body of plays known as 'The Shakespeare Apocrypha' has intrigued and infuriated academics and Shakespeare enthusiasts alike, with claims and counter-claims for Shakespeare's authorship being made, discussed, and disputed.

Could Shakespeare really have written these plays? Why were they excluded from the First Folio of his collected works?

Sophisticated computerised search techniques have now made possible the 'linguistic fingerprinting' that, alongside other methods, lends substantial weight to the evidence for Shakespeare's involvement in these plays.

What is included in the new edition?

  • The whole text of Sir Thomas More, which includes the only scene from any play to survive in Shakespeare's own handwriting
  • The history play Edward III, including a superb seduction scene by Shakespeare
  • The domestic murder tragedy Arden of Faversham, in which Shakespeare's hand has been detected by recent computer-assisted analysis
  • The first ever Shakespeare collection to include the 1602 edition of Thomas Kyd's pioneering play, The Spanish Tragedy, with 'additions' that the latest research attributes to Shakespeare, as reported in The New York Times and The Guardian in September 2013
  • Interviews with directors and actors who have staged the plays, including RSC Artistic Directors Terry Hands, Michael Boyd and Gregory Doran
  • Volume introduction and individual play introductions by Jonathan Bate, with textual editing led by Eric Rasmussen

The ten plays included are:

  • Arden of Faversham
  • Locrine
  • Edward III
  • The Spanish Tragedy
  • Thomas Lord Cromwell
  • Sir Thomas More
  • The London Prodigal,
  • A Yorkshire Tragedy
  • Mucedorus
  • Double Falsehood or The Distressed Lovers

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