Learning to Roar

Actors from The Roaring Girl company got a lesson from a modern-day roaring girl in rehearsals last week.

Ingo, a 'drag king', who is also part of Wotever World – which organises queer performance and events in London and Europe – came to talk to the company. Ingo came to demonstrate the art of being a 'drag king' to the company. You can see the pictures from her visit in the gallery on The Roaring Girl pages of this website.

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Ingo, the teacher in the session with the Roaring Girl company

Mary Frith, aka 'Moll Cutpurse' – the original Roaring Girl from the title of the play – lived an interesting life. She was nicknamed Roaring Girl after the roaring boys - because she liked to spend her time in taverns and picking fights in the street. She liked to dress as a man while she was spending her time this way.

Q&A with Ingo
We asked Ingo a few questions about her work and her life. Here's what she had to tell us.

What's your name?
Ingo Andersson

Tell us about Wotever World
Wotever World is creating and working for and with Queer, LGBT Art and Culture. Our manifesto is:
'Respect and welcome to one and all. No matter what identity, or multiple identities any person may have or choose, Wotever welcomes them.'

How long have you been a 'drag king' for? When did you first start doing it?
I started doing theatre as very young. When coming across Drag Kings in the mid '90s I got intrigued and interested. Since 1997 I have done Drag Kinging on stage, played and lived with it, plus I have taught it pretty much since the start too, and I love it.

How do people react towards you when they see you as a man?
As seen as male I am given more space and time.

How do you behave differently when you are a man?
For me there is not much difference anymore. My male self has enriched my female self and I have learnt from using and living/doing both genders.

If you could meet the original Roaring Girl – what would you say to her?
You go grrrl! I know many roaring girls, they are the ones who create things, expand the horizon for the rest of us!

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