Create a cloak


Help us to create a cloak to celebrate and support costume skills in our theatres.

Recent visitors to the foyer of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre will have noticed a special installation taking shape: Create a Cloak.

Designed by Associate Designer Tom Piper, Create a Cloak is a fundraising installation that celebrates costume skills.

Visitors can pick up a bronze, silver or gold costume tag from the RSC shop (priced at £2.50, £5 and £10) adding their name to the tag and their tag to the cloak.

These are the same tags we use on our costumes, to make sure the right actor is dressed as the right character, and they will form the ever-changing texture of the cloak.

The installation is the first of its kind at the RSC. The money raised will be used to support essential craft skills, facilities and training in and around our theatres.

Visit the theatre foyer to add your own tag to the cloak, making it grow and seeing your name amongst those that will clothe the walls of the theatre.

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