The Dell

23 May 2013

Listings information for performances between Saturday 8 June and Sunday 1 September 2013

During the summer month weekends, the Royal Shakespeare Company's outdoor theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon, The Dell, will play host to a range of lively student, community and semi-professional productions. Performances kick off on Saturday 8 June, and continue until Sunday 1 September.

The Dell is situated on the banks of the River Avon in Avonbank Gardens, near Holy Trinity Church. Entrance is free.

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Saturday 8 June
12noon and 3pm, 1hr 10mins
All The World's A Stage
Elart Productions

A series of extracts from Shakespeare's plays performed by an all-male cast. The extracts include Henry V exhorting his men into battle to the Mechanicals from A Midsummer Night's Dream inexpertly putting on the play Pyramus and Thisbe. All the scenes are linked by an original, humorous and modern narrative. Expect tragedy, history and lots of comedy!

Sunday 9 June
12noon and 3pm, 1hr 20mins
Educactus Theatre Company

A post-apocalyptic world, brought on by the Weird Sisters' seductive witchcraft creates the backdrop to a paranoid Thane's journey. Mapped out through murder and betrayal, he attempts to obtain and retain the crown. Paul Ditch directs a strong troop of actors from Aberystwyth.

Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 June
12noon each day, 30mins
Romeo and Juliet
Warrington Collegiate

The beauty of the story is captured in movement form within this piece of physical theatre. Using naturalistic movement, the story is performed in such a way that the narrative is constant throughout, without there being any actual spoken text. Bold, feisty, emotional and full of artistic truth, this production pushes the boundaries of where Shakespearean text can go. The piece is performed by a mixture of dancers and actors, using skills from both disciplines that have fused together to create an exciting and interesting piece of work.

Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 June
3pm each day, 1hr 30mins
Henry V
Combat Veteran Players

The Combat Veteran Players (CVP) stage their second production, Henry V, with the partnership and support of the Royal Shakespeare Company's Open Stages Programme. This 90-minute production allows for Shakespeare's story of war and heroism to be performed by a cast who have a personal truth and honesty in the world of the play that is rarely seen on the stage.

CVP comprises veterans from all the Armed Forces and backgrounds. They formed in 2010 when the members began exploring the work of Shakespeare as a rehabilitative means to overcoming trauma. They have since developed into talented and polished actors who leave their audiences entertained and inspired.

Saturday 22 June
3pm, 1hr 30mins
A Midsummer Night's Dream
GB Theatre Company

Athenian Duke Theseus is to wed his captured Amazonian Queen Hippolyta in four days. Their romance is interrupted by an angry father who demands his daughter marry the man of his choice rather than the man she loves. They escape to the Athenian Woods where a group of Mechanicals are rehearsing a play to present to the Duke on his Wedding Day. But the woods are home to the King and Queen of the Fairies, Oberon and Titania, who are quarrelling over a changeling boy. So begins this magical comedy of mistakes, love, drama, poetry and the high comedy of the hilarious Mechanicals play within the play.

Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 June
12 and 3pm each day, 1hr
Venus and Adonis
Shakespeare Young Company, Playbox Theatre

Goddess meets Boy, Goddess wants Boy, doesn't get Boy… instead he turns into a flower! Venus and Adonis, the first published work of Shakespeare, is a tale of Venus, the love goddess and her passionate love for a young mortal. SYC bring a sparkling new response to the poem, so please join us and discover why love is never straightforward.

Saturday 6 July
12 and 3pm, 50mins
Romeo and Juliet
Honley Shakespeare Ensemble

This docu-drama style play examines the causes of why two rich and successful families in the beautiful city of Verona would fight. Using an episodic structure of key scenes taken from Romeo and Juliet our play examines just why these two teenagers take their own life. The ultimate question asked is 'Why is love suicidal?' Pupils from Honley High School will retell this story in their own unique way, hopefully answering many questions that this play has thrown up.

Sunday 7 July
12 and 3pm, 1hr 30mins
Twelfth Night
Midsummer Madness Theatre Company

A delightful comedy featuring gender-swapping, mistaken identities, and the complications of love, Midsummer Madness Theatre Company's Twelfth Night is a vibrant ensemble performance enriched with music, colour and entertainment. Shipwrecked on the shore of Illyria, Viola disguises herself as a boy in order to serve the Duke Orsino, unaware that her twin brother has also survived. All goes awry when the twins are mistaken for each other, resulting in fights, weddings, confusion and joyful reunion. Devised by Staging Shakespeare students from the University of Exeter, this joyful production was originally performed in a successful South-West tour.

Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 July
12 and 3pm each day, 1hr 30mins
As You Like It
Ripped Script Theatre Company

Banished from the unjust world of the court by a tyrannical uncle and a scheming older brother, Rosalind and Orlando flee into the unconstrained wildness of the Forest of Arden. He sets off with his loyal servant Adam; she with her cousin Celia and Touchstone the clown by her side. But with her in disguise and he on a mission for survival will they ever meet again? There are love triangles a plenty but not everyone is quite who they seem. A host of shepherds, clowns, lovers, exiled dukes and merry forest folk join together in a celebration of love and freedom.  Be transported to the Forest of Arden by our troupe of travelling players in this dynamic adaptation of a classic comedy. Five skilled actors use physical theatre, ridiculous costume changes, charm and wit to tell a tale of injustice, cross dressing and love.

Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 July
12 and 3pm, 1hr 30mins
Twelfth Night
Play the Fool Productions

Orsino and Olivia are the talk of this incestuous town, but everything is turned upside down when Sebastian and Viola wash up on the shores. This production explores our obsession with the exotic world of celebrity, whilst also maintaining the core of Shakespeare's glorious and farcical comedy.

Saturday 27 July
11am and 3.30pm, and Sunday 28 July, 11am, 2hrs
Much Ado About Nothing
Gloucestershire Youth Players

This young and enthusiastic ensemble of actors bring you the timeless battle between the sexes, a quest for an unknown love, and a study in manipulation and deceit. Set in the present after a nameless war and played in the round and amongst the audience as well as the shrubbery, be prepared to be whisked off your feet by the energy and pace of the tale.

Sunday 28 July
3pm, 1hr 30mins
Henry V
Collingwood Random Salad Company

The crew of HMS Victory, before sailing to the Cape of Trafalgar in1805, pull into port. To try and raise morale they put on Henry V where the British face incredible odds and see victory against a superior force. We will see the character of 'Chorus' take us on a journey, showing us King Henry raising his banner on French soil, marshalling his troops and searching his soul before the battle.

Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 August
12 and 3pm each day, 1hr 30mins
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Shooting Stars Theatre Company

Award-winning Shooting Stars Theatre Company returns this year with a fresh and exciting take on one of Shakespeare's best-loved summer classics, A Midsummer Night's Dream. A lazy teenager called Robin Goodfellow longs for a life with a little more excitement and, living the suburban life, turns to his subconscious which brings a story of love, magic and lies. Hermia, a young troubled teenager, decides to elope with her boyfriend when she is commanded to marry Demetrius, an Athenian bachelor, chosen by her stubborn father, Egeus. Meanwhile, Helena, an old friend of Hermia's, takes it upon herself to win the heart of Demetrius.

Saturday 10 August
12 and 3pm, 1hr 30mins
A Royal Murder
Shakespeare Live

It is the year 1057. King Duncan has been murdered whilst on a royal visit to the castle of one of his most faithful lords, Macbeth. Suspects, potential witnesses and others associated with the murder have been assembled at Macbeth's castle, where they will now be questioned by Detective Arden who will attempt to solve the crime. Will the truth emerge? In an original adaptation of the play, characters from Macbeth will be questioned in a Hercules Poirot style by a central character Detective Arden. To support his questioning and the witnesses' answers, short extracts and scenes from the play itself will be used to back up or disprove their stories.

Sunday 11 August
1pm, 1hr 30mins
York Shakespeare Project

Hamlet is a revenge tragedy with bereavement at its core. It combines profound speculation about the nature of human existence with an exploration of family loyalty, love, hypocrisy, madness, identity, the supernatural, politics and, indeed, theatre itself. Hamlet, written in the middle of Shakespeare's career when he was at the height of his creative powers, works effortlessly through many registers. This production of Hamlet is set in the present day and aims to provide a clear, emotional and memorable theatrical experience.

Sunday 11 August
4pm, 1hr 40mins
Twelfth Night
The HandleBards

4 actors, 4 bicycles, 40 characters and a 926 mile adventure. For two months the HandleBards - a four-strong, all-male troupe of travelling players - will be on the road from Glasgow to London, carrying with them all of the necessary set, props and costumes needed to perform some of Shakespeare's greatest plays.

Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 August
1pm each day, 1hr 15mins
Richard III
The King's Troupe

Following the recent discovery of his bones in a Leicester car park, it is a great time to explore Shakespeare's Richard III. The King's Troupe tells the story involving battles, beheadings, ghosts, murders and dream sequences, all with live music, stick-whirling, clog dancing and more; this will be a fast paced production.

Sunday 18 August
4pm, 1hr 30mins
The Comedy of Errors
Oxford University Dramatic Society and Thelma Holt

Two sides of Britishness collide when the stiff-upper lipped Antipholus seeks his long-lost twin in the ex-pat community of modern Benidorm. With its thumping clubs and cruise ships, class conflict and confusion ensues as the twins bluster through the city. This is a world where nothing seems to fit, hilarity leads to hysteria, and family ties hang by a thread.

Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 August
12 and 3pm, 1hr 10mins
The Comedy of Errors
BMH Productions

Love, loss and love again! Shakespeare's early comedy has all the hallmarks of his greatest work. BMH returns to The Dell to perform this true classic with break neck speed, energy and passion.

BMH productions have previously been seen at The Dell with Macbeth, The Merchant of Venice, Romeo and Juliet, Henry V and The Complete Works of William Shakespeare - Abridged, which was awarded the comedy fringe award by the Coventry Evening Telegraph.

Saturday 31 August and Sunday 1 September
12pm and 3pm each day, 1hr 30mins
Titian Repertory Theatre Company

Deep in the bloody fields of ancient Scotland where, after the mist has cleared from a recent battle, a warrior Macbeth and his friend Banquo witness three witches prophesying their future. Macbeth will be King. Taking this information back to his beloved wife and knowing that the King Duncan is due to feast at their home that very night, they decide to take the prophecy into their own hands. Transferring from a triumphant London run at The Camden People's Theatre, Macbeth is going back to its muddy and bloody roots. Macbeth is a moral tale of the choices we make and the consequences we have to live with.

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