The Dell - Summer 2010

1 June 2010

What's On at The Dell - the RSC's outdoor theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon

Listings information for performances between Sunday 6 June and Sunday 29 August 2010

During the summer month weekends, the Royal Shakespeare Company's outdoor theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon, The Dell, will play host to a range of lively student and non-professional productions. Performances kick off on Sunday 6 June, and continue until Sunday 29 August.

This year, as well as performances of Shakespeare, The Dell offers performances from English folklore to complement the RSC's production of Morte d'Arthur.

The Dell is situated in the Theatre Gardens on Southern Lane, just across the road from The Courtyard Theatre.

Entrance is free. Members of the public can find out more under the What's On section at

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Sunday 6 June

1pm South Devon Steiner School A Midsummer Night's Dream (2 hrs)

This version of Shakespeare's lovely summer comedy, A Midsummer Night's Dream is performed by students from Class 8 (age 14) at the South Devon Steiner School. The students have entered into Shakespeare's world of upturned hierarchies, mischief and magic with joy and revelry and are delighted to bring this performance to The Dell. The students have worked on the play as part of their curriculum and have created everything within the performance themselves, including masks, costumes and physical performance. It has been their first opportunity as a class to study Shakespeare in depth, and they have thoroughly relished the experience.

Saturday 12 and Suday 13 June

3pm Playbox Theatre The Tempest (1hr 15 mins)

There is a violent storm… a plane goes down and the passengers find themselves on a strange and timeless island inhabited by magicians, sprites and beastly creatures. Join the YSC to encounter Shakespeare's final play – an exciting and unpredictable story about power, magic, revenge and first love. “The Tempest meets LOST…” YSC return to The Dell following last year's double bill of The Taming of The Shrew and The Comedy of Errors.

Sunday 27 June

12noon Once Upon A Story The Bard's Folk Tales (1 hr)

This summer, storytelling company Once Upon a Story will be performing tales of old that could well have inspired Shakespeare's most well known plays. These age old stories come from England and beyond and echo tragedies such as Romeo and Juliet, King Lear and Hamlet as well as comedies such as As You Like It, A Midsummer Night's Dream and The Taming of the Shrew. Once Upon a Story's lead storytellers Gemma Hannah and Niki Brown will bring their dynamic fusion of traditional performance storytelling, song, drumming and audience participation to the stage for family audiences.

3pm Warwick University Other Arthurs (1 hr)

Caxton is busy in his print shop, King Arthur is worried for his crown, Guinevere contemplates her impending marriage to Arthur, and the Knights of the Round Table are looking for adventure. In partnership with Warwick University's CAPITAL Centre, Warwick students will present their own take on various strands of the Arthur legend and its aftermath as each character seeks to discover their own Holy Grail.

Sunday 10 July

12noon/3pm Root & Brand Theatre Co Dragon Tales (1hr 45 mins)

The year is 1614 at the White Horse Inn in Southwark: we invite you all to the trial of Young Nic, aka Flash the Dragon. Take a journey with us through legend: from the timeless epic of Beowulf and the Death Dragon, through the folklore of Sussex, to discover the truth behind the myth of dragon lore. The play involves full audience participation as the audience become the dragon and slayers in a dragon-slaying finale: animal guising, storytelling, circus, physical theatre, Mummers' plays, dance and song.

Sunday 18 July

12noon Once Upon A Story The Bard's Folk Tales (1 hr)
Details as 27 June

3pm MDCC Measure for Measure (1 hr)

MDCC Theatre Company presents Shakespeare's intriguing problem play, Measure for Measure, which mixes elements of tragedy and comedy. Duke Vincentio abandons his leadership duties in the corrupt, amoral city of Vienna and to appoint the puritanical Angelo as governor. As “power changes purpose”, the disguised Duke attempts to bring order and justice to an imbalanced and shaken society and the audience becomes the jury. Our contemporary concerns about corruption in high places and the dubious conduct of those in positions of power resonate throughout. The play contains some adult themes, but is suitable for older children. Directed by Charles Harry.

Saturday 24 July~

1pm Oxford Uni Dramatic Society The Taming of The Shrew (1hr 30 mins)

Everyone in Padua wants to marry Bianca, but Bianca isn't free to marry anyone until her shrewish sister finds a husband. Petruchio, who has come to wive it wealthily, takes on the challenge of taming Katherine, and a battle of wills ensues... For the last thirteen years, the Oxford University Dramatic Society in association with Thelma Holt has mounted an annual international tour of a Shakespeare play. Spend the afternoon watching Shakespeare's controversial comedy, presented by the best of Oxford's theatrical talent as a quirky love story told by a troupe of strolling players.

Sunday 25 July

11am/3pm Gloucestershire Youth Players A Midsummer Night's Dream (2 hrs)

Gloucestershire Youth Players (GYP) perform for the fifth consecutive season at The Dell. We invite you to enter a world of extraordinary happenings, where nothing is quite as it seems, and where love is torn asunder in a maze of misunderstandings and questionings. Set in the seemingly liberated world of the 1960s and 1970s, there nonetheless hangs over the hedonistic court a dark and ominous cloud, discovered unintentionally by our star-crossed lovers. GYP brings you a highly energetic ensemble production full of the beauty of the language, of sound and movement.

Saturday 31 July

11am/3pm Gloucestershire Youth Players A Midsummer Night's Dream (2 hrs)
Details as 25 July

Sunday 1 August

12noon/3pm Pantaloons Macbeth (1 hr 30 mins)

Killer lines, killer crimes and some seriously weird sisters. Critically-acclaimed touring company The Pantaloons return to The Dell to have a stab at Shakespeare's tale of murder and madness! Fun for all ages in the open-air with live music, audience interaction and puppetry. Dress for the weather and bring a picnic and something to sit on "Part alternative rock, part thespian, part performance art...wholly charming" - Ken Russell, The Times

5pm A Play in 2 Days Company As You Like It (45 mins)
Join the newest ensemble of young actors as they perform As You Like It after only two days of rehearsal! This group of 15 -18 year olds only met on Saturday and have been working intensively to create a one off performance of one of Shakespeare's greatest comedies this Sunday.

Saturday 7 August

3pm Blacksun Theatre Company The Shoemaker's Holiday (1hr 30 mins)

BlackSun Theatre Company presents Thomas Dekker's The Shoemaker's Holiday, his much loved Elizabethan romp. The Shoemaker's Holiday is a comedic masterpiece that centres upon the City of London and follows the exploits of a merry band of shoemakers. The drama's main plot chronicles the meteoric rise to fame and fortune by Simon Eyre, an ambitious, mad-cap entrepreneur who through hard work, clever deception, and magnificent luck becomes Lord Mayor of London. With a brand new original musical score written for the production, come and see our actors perform the songs with live instruments on stage.

Sunday 8 August

2pm/4pm Blacksun Theatre Company The Shoemaker's Holiday (1hr 30 mins)
Details as 7 August

Saturday 14 August

2pm/4pm Stagecoach Hamlet (1 hr)

Stagecoach Leamington Spa, Warwick and Kenilworth students will perform a 1 hour Hamlet edited by Julian Chenery and Matt Gimblett. The Shakespeare 4 Kids version is a relatively new edition and includes music and song throughout. Stagecoach has performed at The Dell for the past 3 years; the students are busy rehearsing and can't wait for what will be an RSC, The Dell debut for many. With the beautiful tones of Ophelia, the strange and violent behaviour of Hamlet and of course the 'ghostly goings on' you'll be on the edge of your blanket for these productions!

Sunday 15 August

2pm/4pm Stagecoach Hamlet (1 hr)
Details as 14 August

Saturday 21 August

2pm/4pm BMH Productions Shakespeare Abridged (1hr 30 mins)

The Complete Works Of Shakespeare (abridged) has been described as an epic of staggering proportions, a staggering work of epic proportions, the greatest thing to come to Stratford since Shakespeare himself: all of the Bard's works condensed in to one 90-minute show for your enjoyment! You won't want to miss this historic undertaking, three of the handsomest, most sensual male visionaries, that effortlessly embody every single one of Shakespeare's characters; even the women. Brought to you by BMH Productions, the company that brought you last year's acclaimed production of Romeo and Juliet.

Sunday 22 August

2pm/4pm BMH Productions Shakespeare Abridged (1hr 30 mins)
Details as 21 August

Saturday 28 August

1pm/4pm Shooting Stars A Midsummer Night's Dream (1hr 30mins)

Returning for their 5th year running Shooting Stars Theatre Company are proud to present their version of A Midsummer Night's Dream. Set in the 1940's, with hippy fairies and a mischievous young Puck to tell the well loved story. This young, talented company of professional actors has built up a loyal following through their high quality productions and promises to entertain you with an enjoyable, energetic and quite frankly hilarious tale of this popular and classic Shakespeare!

Sunday 29 August

1pm/4pm Shooting Stars A Midsummer Night's Dream (1hr 30mins)
Details as 28 August

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