Ever wondered who pays for the plays? We're thrilled to receive so much support, and always seeking out new opportunities for finance and funding.


We're a registered charity (number 212481) that relies on a mix of income to fund our artistic programme and help us reach the widest possible audience.

In the last financial year (2015/16) our annual income was £81.3m.

Public investment from Arts Council England grants totaled £15.4m, which made up 19% of total funding. The remaining 81% we generated ourselves, including box office income (£25.1m) and commercial trading activity and joint ventures such as retail and catering (£24.2m). 

We also raised £3.7m through corporate sponsorship and charitable donations from private individualstrusts and foundations:

There's more detailed information about our annual accounts in our Annual Review, but this is our how income and expenditure works:

Theatre at its best

Help us create theatre at its best, made in Stratford-upon-Avon and shared around the world for everyone to enjoy. As a charity with £4m to raise every year, the support of our audience is vital.  Please consider making a donation.

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