Christmas cocktail


Our rooftop restaurant team have created this special RSC Christmas cocktail exclusively for the advent calendar. Here's how to make the perfect festive tipple. (Thank you to Tristan Mulleady for his cocktail creation.)


  • 15ml of Bailey's
  • 1 shot of hot espresso coffee
  • Dash of hot water
  • 15ml of Frangelico liquor
  • 20mls of double cream
  • Orange peel to flame
  • Sugared lemon peel and dried cranberries to garnish
  • Champagne saucer glass

How to make the RSC Christmas Cocktail

  • Make your espresso shot and then add a dash of hot water.
  • Mix the espresso and water mixture with the Bailey's.
  • Pour into a champagne saucer glass.
  • Shake the double cream and Frangelico together vigorously and then float the mixture on top of the Bailey's and espresso.
  • Flame the orange peel and then splash the top of the drink and smear the rim of the glass.
  • Garnish with sugared lemon peel and dried cranberries.
  • Drink responsibly.

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