Jamie Cameron
Fairy Jamie Cameron

This is Jamie's RSC debut season.


Lila Clements
Fairy Lila Clements

This is Lila's RSC debut season.


Ayesha Dharker
Titania Ayesha Dharker

RSCArabian Night, Othello.

Peter Hamilton Dyer
Egeus Peter Hamilton Dyer

RSC: A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Epicoene.

Lucy Ellinson
Puck Lucy Ellinson

RSC: When I Was Old When I Get Young (Pilot Nights 2012 – directing)


Ben Goffe
Company Ben Goffe
Aimee Gray
Fairy Aimee Gray

This is Aimee‘s RSC debut season.


Laura Harding
Hippolyta Laura Harding

This is Laura's RSC debut season.

Jack Holden
Lysander Jack Holden

RSC: Oppenheimer, The Shoemaker’s Holiday

Mari Izzard
Fairy Mari Izzard This is Mari's RSC debut season.
Fairy/ Music Director Tarek Merchant
Mercy Ojelade
Hermia Mercy Ojelade

This is Mercy's RSC debut season.


Chu Omambala
Oberon Chu Omambala

RSC: Hecuba, The Canterbury Tales.

Sam Redford
Theseus Sam Redford

This is Sam's RSC debut season.


Laura Riseborough
Helena Laura Riseborough

This is Laura's RSC debut season.


Theo St Claire
First Fairy Theo St. Claire

Theo is a London based actor who recently completed the 3 year BA (Acting) from Drama Centre London. Since graduating in 2014, Theo has worked both on stage and screen.

On stage, Theo was seen in The Promise directed by Dan Garber and Atrophy directed by Russell Lucas.  Television credits include New Blood for the BBC and The Tunnel II for Sky Atlantic directed by Mike Barker.he 

This is Theo's RSC debut season.


Alex Tomkins
Fairy Alex Tomkins

This is Alex‘s RSC debut season.


Jon Trenchard
Philostrate Jon Trenchard

This is Jon's RSC debut season.