'Maria Aberg's modern-dress revival is sharp-paced and gripping'

'Kirsty Bushell's admirably defiant Vittoria…David Sturzaker's ardent Bracciano'
Daily Telegraph - read the full review

'Striking, pacey, exuberantly debauched. A blast'
'Kirsty Bushell's knowing, riveting Vittoria…Laura Elphinstone's gutsy performance'
Sunday Times

'It is packed with strong performances and commands your attention'
'Visually the production has a striking simplicity. James Farncombe's taut lighting design and a pulsating score from David Maclean and Tommy Grace and you have another triumph for the RSC technical and creative teams'

'Laura Elphinstone as Flaminio takes on this challenging role and revels in it…Elphinstone conveys the malevolence, wit and emotional turmoil brilliantly'

'Kirsty Bushell presents Vittoria as a determined, intelligent and passionate woman' - read the full review

'Elphinstone's Flaminio orchestrates the action like an androgynous master of ceremonies, delivering sudden bursts of violence one moment and honeyed words of persuasion the next'
The Stage - read the full review

'Kirsty Bushell's commanding performance as sensual, witty Vittoria…David Rintoul's ferocious, red-blazered Cardinal Monticelso'
Guardian - read the full review

'a brash, pulsating, neon-lit fantasy version of today's celebrity culture'

'a bold approach that yields a cool, sharp, fresh production'

'Kirsty Bushell is excellent in the role: her Vittoria is a witty, clever woman'
Financial Times - read the full review

The White Devil

by John Webster

Swan Theatre
30 July - 29 November 2014

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