Photos of the cast

  • Joe Bannister - Sebastian Wengrave

    Joe Bannister who plays Sebastian Wengrave in The Roaring Girl.

  • Ian Bonar - Jack Dapper

    Ian Bonar who plays Jack Dapper in The Roaring Girl.

  • Colin Anthony Brown - Sir Davy Dapper

    Colin Anthony Brown who plays Sir Davy Dapper in The Roaring Girl

  • Faye Castelow - Mary Fitzallard

    Faye Castelow who plays Mary Fitzallard in The Roaring Girl.

  • Keir Charles - Laxton

    Keir Charles who plays Laxton in The Roaring Girl.

  • Liz Crowther - Mistress Tiltyard

    Liz Crowther who plays Mistress Tiltyard in The Roaring Girl

  • Lisa Dillon

    Lisa Dillon is Moll.

  • Geoffrey Freshwater - Ralph Trapdoor

    Geoffrey Freshwater who plays Ralph Trapdoor in The Roaring Girl.

  • Joan Iyiola -Moll's Maid

    Joan Iyiola who plays Moll's Maid in The Roaring Girl.

  • Lizzie Hopley

    Lizzie Hopley is Mrs Gallipot.

  • Tony Jayawardena - Mr Openwork

    Tony Jayawardena who plays Mr Openwork in The Roaring Girl.

  • Christopher Middleton - Mr Tiltyard/Neatfoot

    Christopher Middleton who plays Mr Tiltyard and Neatfoot in The Roaring Girl.

  • Michael Moreland - Cutlass

    Michael Moreland who plays Cutlass in The Roaring Girl.

  • Ken Nwosu - Hangar

    Ken Nwosu who plays Hangar in The Roaring Girl.

  • Mark Holgate - Gull

    Mark Holgate who plays Gull in The Roaring Girl.

  • David Rintoul - Sir Alexander Wengrave

    David Rintoul who plays Sir Alexander Wengrave in The Roaring Girl.

  • Ian Redford - Sir Guy Fitzallard

    Ian Redford who plays Sir Guy Fitzallard in The Roaring Girl.

  • Timothy Speyer

    Timothy Speyer is Mr Gallipot.

  • Harvey Virdi - Mistress Openwork

    Harvey Virdi who plays Mistress Openwork in The Roaring Girl.

The Roaring Girl

by Dekker & Middleton

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