Cast and creatives

Gower – Bill Handley, Daniel Gough, Jamie Sheerman, Arthur Kendrick, Sue Whyte, Rebecca Clee, Lauren Moakes, Nicholas Lancaster, Alastair McPhail, Neil Jackson, Richard Shields, Bethany Reilly, Mezze Kalunga-Eade, Hannah Kelly, Mandhy Senewiratne

Pericles – Sope Dirisu
Helicanus – Juliet Grundy
Marina – Chloe Orrock

Antiochus – Nick Quartley
Hespendes – Lauren Moakes
Thaliart – Bill Handley
Messenger – Rebecca Clee

Cleon – James Wolstenholme
Dionyza – Louise Fullwell
Leonine – Neil Jackson
Pirate 1 – Nicholas Lancaster
Pirate 2 - Daniel Gough
Pirate 3 - Julian Small

Fisherman 1 - Richard Shields
Fisherman 2 - Mezze Kalunga-Eade
Fisherman 3 – Alastair McPhail
Simonides – Stephen Brigden
Thaisa – Imogen Hartley
Hesperides - Lauren Moakes
Lychorida – Sue Whyte
Master – Richard Shields
Sailor – Alastair McPhail

Cerimon – Peter Malin
Philemon – Mandhy Senewiratne
Lady of Ephesus 1 – Rebecca Clee
Lady of Ephesus 2 – Hannah Kelly

Pander – Chris Clarke
Bawd – Jane Durrant
Bolt – Tim Younger
Gentleman of Mytilene 1 – Jamie Sheerman
Gentleman of Mytilene 2 - Arthur Kendrick
Lysimachus – Nathan Hawthorne
Diana - Bethany Reilly

All other parts played by members of the company

Directors - James Farrell and Jamie Rocha Allan

Designer - Georgia Lowe

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