Something borrowed, something new

Creating garlands for Shakespeare's Birthday

Join us in the Something Borrowed, Something New marquee from 12 - 4pm.

How many people does it take to decorate a wedding venue? Lots! Help us turn the Avonbank gardens into a beautiful wedding haven.

Fairy Blessings with Aoife Mannix
Create your own fairy blessings and hang them from the trees. On one side of the card write what magical gift you would most want to receive from the fairies on your wedding day - shoes with angel wings for flying down the aisle? A sports car made of pure gold for speeding of on your honeymoon? On the other side of the card write what magical blessing you would most want to receive from the fairies. 

'First, rehearse your song by rote
To each word a warbling note:
Hand in hand, with fairy grace,
Will we sing, and bless this place.'

Creative Craft Stations with Bingo Meg and Disco Jazz
Fairy Love Potions
Make your own love potion in one of our beautiful bottles.  Choose and make your ingredients wisely and label your creation before hanging it with ribbon to the trees. 

'The juice of it on sleeping eye-lids laid
Will make man or woman madly dote
Upon the next live creature it sees'

Extra Large Fairy Garland  
Add a link or three towards our enormous fairy garland, which we will hang around the gardens shrubbery. Paper chains and large shadows of mystical fairies will be linked together to form one extra large garland. 

Willow Snake Sculpture
Join us to build a huge snake sculpture. Once the structure has been created we will decorate it with tissue paper and light it from the inside to bring our wedding venue to life. Drop in and help us to make as much of our serpent as you like.  

'There sleeps Titania sometime of the night,
Lulled in these flowers with dances and delight.
And there the snake throws her enamelled skin,
Weed wide enough to wrap a fairy in.'

Throughout the day our wedding photographer will be capturing the events and adding them to the online Midsummer Night's Dreaming community. You can also add your photos and creations by using #dream40 when uploading them to the internet.

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