E.V. Crowe


E. V Crowe's most recent play Virgin played at the Watford Palace Theatre. Her other plays include Liar, Liar (Unicorn Theatre), Hero and Kin (Royal Court Theatre), for which E. V Crowe was shortlisted for the Most Promising Playwright at the Evening Standard Theatre Awards.

Her new play I Can Hear You is part of Midsummer Mischief's Programme B, with Abi Zakarian's This is not an Exit.

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E. V. Crowe Q&A 

What was your initial reaction to the provocation that 'well behaved women rarely make history'?

I felt provoked! I thought even the idea of wanting a woman to be 'well behaved' makes her sound like a dog.

What excites you about coming to The Other Place?

I didn't know the origins of The Other Place before we started, and now I know its history I feel even more excited by it. I first went to The Other Place when we moved to Stratford in my teens. I saw Roberto Zucco among other new plays, and later got a job in the RSC bar so I could see everything. I remember thinking if I ever write a play, this is where I would want it to go on. To be part of its reopening is a bit of a dream come true.

In a nutshell tell me about your play.

It's a sort of naturalistic, supernatural play. I want to take the audience into a new paradigm, where the unbelievable is possible, and if we believe it possible, perhaps our understanding of the (western) world, our place in it and our relationships to each other changes.

Why should people come and see your play?

I've been telling people that it's a play for mothers. It's probably a play for my mother. In the best sense of that being possible. It's a kind of 'apologia' maybe. And it's the first play I've written with a dead person in it.


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