Photos of the cast

  • Sam Alexander

    Sam Alexander playing Don John.

  • Peter Basham

    Peter Basham plays Butler.

  • William Belchambers

    William Belchambers plays Conrade.

  • Edward Bennett

    Edward Bennett plays Benedick.

  • Nick Haverson

    Nick Haverson plays Dogberry.

  • John Hodgkinson

    John Hodgkinson plays Don Pedro.

  • David Horovitch

    David Horovitch plays Leonato.

  • Tunji Kasim

    Tunji Kasim plays Claudio.

  • Sophie Khan Levy

    Sophie Khan Levy plays Housemaid.

  • Oliver Lynes

    Oliver Lynes plays Soldier.

  • Emma Manton

    Emma Manton plays Margaret.

  • Chris McCalphy

    Chris McCalphy plays Sexton.

  • Frances McNamee

    Frances McNamee plays Ursula.

  • Peter McGovern

    Peter McGovern plays George Seacoal.

  • Chris Nayak

    Chris Nayak plays Borachio.

  • Jamie Newall

    Jamie Newall plays Friar Francis.

  • Roderick Smith

    Roderick Smith plays Verges.

  • Flora Spencer-Longhurst

    Flora Spencer-Longhurst plays Hero.

  • Michelle Terry

    Michelle Terry plays Beatrice.

  • Harry Waller

    Harry Waller plays Balthasar.

  • Thomas Wheatley

    Thomas Wheatley plays Antonio.

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