Audience comments

YPS King Lear Audience

These comments come from YPS King Lear audiences in Cornwall, Southampton, Newcastle and Middlesbrough.

'Funny but sometimes devlish. I was scared.' 10-year-old pupil

'The production brought great clarity to the twin themes of Lear's descent into madness and the redemptive power of love from Edgar and Cordelia. It felt to someone quite familiar with the play, to be pared to the bone!' Teacher

'A privilege to see such a performance in a small venue at  a price we could afford to take the whole family. Thank you for making the long journey.' Audience member

'The simplicity of the staging was incredible. The close proximity and interaction with the audience was great.' Audience member

'I liked the staging, the performances, the special adaptation for young people and the way all the actors were so up for working with young people and making Shakespeare accessible.' Audience member

'It wasn't really easy to under stand.' 11-year-old pupil

'A fantastic attempt to make Shakespeare accessible to us all...still a bit confused but getting there. More opportunities like this please!' Audience member

'It was good but the reindeer was really scary.' 11-year-old pupil

'Why was there lots of kissing?' 10-year-old pupil

'It was a bit complicated because of the words used but funny sometimes. The actors were great.' 10-year-old pupil

'You need some more outstanding costumes. I would recommend another school for your play's to be performed and it's Macmillin Acadamy.' 10-year-old pupil

'It was a bit complicated and funny.' 10-year-old pupil

'I really liked the production. I think it's one of the best that I have ever seen.' 11-year-old pupil

'Do not usually like “modern settings” but wished to introduce “real” Shakespeare to two Grandchildren. This done – very well! They paid attention!!' Audience member

'Really enjoyed the production and has made me want to read more Shakespeare plays.' Audience member

'A real treat to have such a high quality production on my doorstep. Short journey & condensed version made it possible for me to attend despite chronic illness (which has also shorted my attention span!).' Audience member

'Once again an amazing production by the RSC. Despite King Lear being a somewhat difficult play for youngsters to understand on first viewing, your adaptation made it totally accessible to all. The streamlined version worked very well for smaller children and the innovative music, scenery and costumes made it less scary to watch a “Shakespearean” play. Brilliant.' Parent

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