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I, Cinna (The Poet) (2012) Cinna asks the audience to write with him. Screengrab from the film © RSC

Have you written a poem inspired by Tim Crouch's I, Cinna (The Poet)?
Share your poems with us and we'll publish the best here on the RSC website.

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I, Cinna (The Poet) is a new drama written and directed by Tim Crouch and starring Jude Owusu, inspired by the RSC's production of Julius Caesar directed by Gregory Doran.
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During the performance, Cinna invites the audience to write poems with him. And we'd like you to share these with us, and with other readers here.

How to send us your poem

Poems must be submitted by email to with POEM: I, Cinna (The Poet) in the subject line.
You can attach poems as a Word or text file, or paste the text into an email.
For terms and conditions, see the foot of this page.

Your poems

The Death of Cinna

I am free now,
Free forever.
The last time I see light,
Then it goes black.
I am gone,
But I am still here.
I think for you,
I pray for you.
Circles appear,
Circles of people,
Circles of my blood.
Why me,
I, Cinna,
I'm free,
But I still live on,
Even though I'm not here. I'm Cinna, the poet,
However, I cannot see anymore.
I'm free, I'm gone,
I have lived.

By Ella J, age 12, King Edward VI School, Handsworth, Birmingham


Who's there?

I was standing there,
In my house.
Frightened to go out,
My heart pounding,
Minute by minute.

I was shaking,
I stepped out.
And stood there,
They said, 'who are you?'
'I'm Cinna the poet'...
'No you're not,
But oh well we don't care,
We're going to kill you anyway.'
There took the knives out...
Jabbing me with them.
Blood everywhere,
My heart pounding...

By Effie-May N-S, age 12, English Martyrs Catholic School


The Death of Cinna

Cinna died
Having the same name
Cinna the conspirator
They thought

Cinna died
People hurt him
Punched and kicked
He thought

Cinna died
Crowds Shouted
Cinna has gone
We thought

By Shannon A, age 12, Abbey Park Middle School, Pershore


The Death of Cinna

I, Cinna the poet, walk the streets
To protest that Caesar's last breath.
But Antony has raised the Roman mob
And so I must face my own death.

Cut off by a huddle of Antony's men,
Their fists and their knives leave a stain
And Cinna the Poet is left on the ground,
The price of sharing a killer's bad name.

By Dave C, age 11, Hasland Junior School, Chesterfield


Terms and conditions

We will reply to everyone who submits a poem, and publish the best here.
Please allow three working days for a reply.
This is not a competition.
By emailing your poem to us, you grant us permission to publish it on the RSC website.
You remain the copyright holder.
Entries close on 31 December 2012 but you'll still be able to read the poems on this page.

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