Production history in pictures

  • 1766 playbill or All for Love

    Playbill for a performance of All for Love on 22 March 1766 based on Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra, at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane.

    Written in 1677, All for Love is a heroic drama by John Dryden. The play focuses on the final hours of the lives of its protagonists, Antony and Cleopatra. While Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra is set in Italy, Greece and Egypt, Dryden set All for Love solely in the city of Alexandria.

    In 1672 the Theatre Royal, then on Bridges Street, caught fire. A larger theatre, designed by Christopher Wren was built on the same plot, and opened in 1694.

  • 1931 production of Antony and Cleopatra.

    This production of Antony and Cleopatra was directed by William Bridges Adams. It played in the Shakespeare Memorial Temporary Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon from 13 April until 16 May 1931. The photo shows Dorothy Massingham as Cleopatra. Gyles Isham, 12th Baronet of Lamport, appeared as Marcus Antonius.

    temporary theatre in Greenhill StreetThe Shakespeare Memorial Theatre, which opened in 1879, was destroyed by a fire in 1926. The new theatre, designed by Elisabeth Scott, marked the first major work built in the UK by a female architect. The cinema on Greenhill Street, Stratford-upon-Avon, was used as a temporary theatre until the Royal Shakespeare Theatre opened on 23 April 1932.

    Main photo: Copyright Claude Adams. Reproduced with permission of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.

    Pictured, right: The Shakespeare Memorial Temporary Theatre on Greenhill Street, Stratford-upon-Avon circa 1930. Reproduced with permission of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.

  • Ben Iden Payne's 1935 production.

    Antony and Cleopatra, 1935, directed by Ben Iden Payne and designed by Aubrey Hammond. The picture shows Catherine Lacey and Roy Emerton in the title roles.

    Catherine Lacey and Roy Emerton were married, and divorced in real life. Catherine Lacey was an established stage actress before the age of 30, making her film debut in 1938 as the reticent nun in high heels in Alfred Hitchcock's The Lady Vanishes. Roy Emerton served in the First World War, and died nine years after this production in 1944, aged 51.

    Copyright Gordon Anthony. Reproduced with permission of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.

  • 1945 production of Antony and Cleopatra

    Claire Luce as Cleopatra in the 1945 production of Antony and Cleopatra. This wartime production was directed by Robert Atkins and designed by J Gower Parks.

    Claire Luce, an American stage and screen actress, co-starred with Fred Astaire in Cole Porter's 1933 musical, Gay Divorce.

    Tom Holte theatre Photographic Collection. Copyright Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. Reproduced with permission of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.

  • Glen Byam Shaw's 1953 production.

    Antony and Cleopatra, 1953, directed by Glen Byam Shaw and designed by Motley. This photo shows Peggy Ashcroft as Cleopatra and Michael Redgrave as Antony. The company transferred to the Prince's Theatre, London, in November 1953 before touring to the Netherlands, Belgium and Paris. Photo by Angus McBean.

    The role of Octavia was played by Rachel Kempson, who was married to Michael Redgrave. Marius Goring played Octavius Caesar.

  • Trevor Nunn's 1972 Antony and Cleopatra

    Antony and Cleopatra, 1972, directed by Trevor Nunn and Buzz Goodbody. Designed by Gordon Sumpter, William Lockwood and Christopher Morley.

    The photo depicts Antony (Richard Johnson), Cleopatra (Janet Suzman) and servants. The supporting cast from left to right, Waiting Woman (Wendy Bailey), Waiting Woman (Edwina Ford), Charmian (Rosemary McHale), Iras (Mavis Taylor Blake), Eunuch (Paul Gaymon), Selucus (Jason Rose), Mardian (Sidney Livingstone). Photo by Reg Wilson 1972.

    Patrick Stewart appeared as Domitius Enobarbus, Corin Redgrave as Octavius Caesar, Tim Pigott-Smith as Proculeius, Simon Rouse as Servant and Guard and Geoffrey Hutchings as Clown.

    Founder of the Women's Street Theatre Group, Buzz Goodbody was involved with the Women's Movement. In 1974 she led the opening of The Other Place, the RSC's experimental space, with her production of Hamlet.

  • Peter Brook's 1979 production.

    Antony and Cleopatra, 1979, directed by Peter Brook, designed by Sally Jacobs. This picture shows Cleopatra (Glenda Jackson) and, from left, Charmian (Paola Dionisotti), Mardian (Philip McGough) and Iras (Juliet Stevenson). Photo by Reg Wilson 1979.

    Alan Howard appeared as Antony, Richard Griffiths as Messenger, John Nettles as Ventidius, Jonathan Pryce as Octavius Caesar, Alan Rickman as Thidias and Alexas, David Suchet as Pompey and Patrick Stewart as Domitius Enobarbus.

    This production played in Stratford-upon-Avon in 1978 before transferring to the Aldwych Theatre, London, the following year.

  • Adrian Noble's 1982 production.

    Antony and Cleopatra, 1982, directed by Adrian Noble and designed by Nadine Baylis. This photo shows Antony (Michael Gambon) and Cleopatra (Helen Mirren).

    Joe Cocks Studio Collection. Copyright Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.

  • John Caird's 1992 production.

    Antony and Cleopatra, 1992, directed by John Caird, designed by Sue Blane. Photograph of Cleopatra (Clare Higgins) kneeling before Octavius Caesar (John Nettles) Act 5 Scene 2.

    Malcolm Davies Collection. Copyright Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.

  • Michael Attenborough's 2002 production.

    Antony and Cleopatra, 2002, directed by Michael Attenborough, designed by Es Devlin. The Photograph depicts Antony (Stuart Wilson) and Cleopatra (Sinead Cusack) locked in an embrace. Photo by John Haynes.

  • 2002 Antony and Cleopatra.

    Antony and Cleopatra, 2002, directed by Michael Attenborough, designed by Es Devlin. The Photograph depicts Antony (Stuart Wilson) and Enobarbus (Clive Wood). Photo by John Haynes, 2002.

  • Gregory Doran's 2006 Antony and Cleopatra

    Antony and Cleopatra (2006) Mark Antony played by Patrick Stewart. Directed by Gregory Doran, set designed by Stephen Brimson-Lewis. Mark Antony played by Patrick Stewart. Photo by Pascal Molliere.

  • Gregory Doran's 2006 production

    Cleopatra played by Harriet Walter in Gregory Doran's 2006 production, which was part of the Complete Works Festival. Costumes were designed by Kandis Cook.

  • Michael Boyd's 2011 Antony and Cleopatra

    Antony and Cleopatra, 2011. Directed by Michael Boyd and designed by Tom Piper. Antony played by Darrell D'Silva, Cleopatra played by Katy Stephens. This production was a revival of the 2010 production, in which Kathryn Hunter appeared as Cleopatra.  Photo by Ellie Kurttz 2011.

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