Social Soldier

Susie Trayling in a feathered dress as Tecpa

Our first ever social media event offered bloggers, Tweeters and other users of social media insider access to A Soldier in Every Son – The Rise of the Aztecs. Here are some of the videos and blogs that resulted:

All Things Cultured. 
Felicity Box on finding your inner Aztec.

'Chaos comes to establish a new order'
Doctoral student Leticia Garcia talks about a 'decadent cross-cultural collaboration'.

The Story of My Life
Mark shares his insights into the show along with photos and video.

Acting student Lyndsey shares her photos and thoughts.

Ideally Speaking
Debbie Griffiths talks about the sustainability of Shakespeare.

Social media call in pictures
Charles Budd shares his photos from the day.

Social media call slideshow
Photos from the call with an appropriately atmospheric musical accompaniment.

Globetrotter Postcards
Globetrotter explains why A Soldier in Every Son is not just 'a boring war story with weird tattoos'.

Photo: Susie Trayling as Tecpa in A Soldier in Every Son - The Rise of the Aztecs. Photo by Ellie Kurttz.


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