What to expect

What happens if you arrive late or you need to leave the auditorium during a performance?

If you arrive late, speak to a front of house assistant who will take you to a screen where you can watch the show until they can take you to your seat at the first entry point. If you haven't seen the play before, they will also be able to fill you in on the story so far.

If you leave during a performance, you will be asked to wait until a suitable moment to go back in. Our actors come in and out through the audience so we want to make sure you don't bump into Macbeth on your way to your seat!

Am I allowed to eat and drink in the auditorium?

You're welcome to enjoy a cold drink during a performance, so long as it is in a plastic cup or bottle. Our bars can provide you with a suitable cup. We don't allow hot drinks into the auditorium, but feel free to enjoy these in our bars and café.

You can buy your ice cream from our bars and front of house team during the interval and you're very welcome to take it back into the theatre with you. Do bear in mind that the rustling of food and sweet wrappers is very distracting to our actors and those around you.

Can I take photos in the auditorium?

We're really proud of our beautiful theatres and you're welcome to take photos before the show, but please do not photograph or record the actual performance. This is distracting to the actor and to other members of the audience. Our staff do keep an eye out and will ask you to stop, so please resist the temptation.

What do people wear to the theatre these days?

Some people still like to dress up for a trip to the theatre, but if your style is more jeans and trainers, then that's fine too. You will be sitting down for a few hours, so our only advice is that you are comfortable in what you are wearing (and don't wear a big hat as people behind you won't be able to see!)

How long will the show last?

If you need to know how long the play is before your visit, then our Box Office will be able to advise, otherwise just ask any of the Front of House  team.

Using the cloakroom

Rather than leave your coat on the floor under your seat, we encourage you to make use of our cloakroom – the facility is free. We will also look after luggage whilst you watch the show.

Eating and drinking

Whatever your taste, we've got a bar, café and restaurant. Our catering teams can provide everything from a bag of nuts to a three course meal.

Getting to Stratford 

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