Music and speeches from the 2014 Royal Shakespeare Company production directed by Gregory Doran.

This CD features music from the current production composed by Paul Englishby and also music from the 1991 production produced by Edward Gregson.

Running time: 49 mins (approx)

Track list:

1) Urbs Beata Jerusalem (Paul Englishby)
2) So shaken as we are...(Speech Part I Act I Sc I King Henry IV – Jasper Britton)
3) Tavern Blues (Paul Englishby)
4) Sneak’s Noise: Ship Shape (Paul Englishby)
5) I know you all...(Speech Part I Act I Sc II Prince Hal – Alex Hassell)
6) Prince Hal (Paul Englishby)
7) Sneak’s Noise: Gigue (Paul Englishby)
8) Gwyry Dir Oeddunn (A Virgin Pure) (Paul Englishby)
9) Hal, if thou see me down...(Speech Part I Act V Sc I Falstaff / Prince Hal – Antony Sher / Alex Hassell
10) The Battle (Paul Englishby)
11) How many thousand of my poorest subjects...(Speech Part II Act III Sc I King Henry IV – Jasper Britton)
12) Shallow Theme (Paul Englishby)
13) Sneak’s Noise: Robin Hood (Paul Englishby)
14) Ah, you sweet little rogue...(Speech Part II Act II Sc IV Doll Tearsheet / Falstaff – Nia Gwynne/Antony Sher & Music Sneak’s Noise: Tavern Blues (Paul Englishby)
15) Sneak’s Noise: A Cup of Wine (Paul Englishby)
16) Glendower Theme (Paul Englishby)
17) Sneak’s Noise: England (Paul Englishby)
18) I know thee not old man...(Speech Part II Act V Sc V – Alex Hassell)
19) Coronation (Paul Englishby)

Music by Edward Gregson from the 1991 RSC production directed by Adrian Noble:

20) Main Theme (Gregson)
21) Tavern (Gregson)
22) Os Dawfy Nghariad Yma Heno (If My Love Comes Here Tonight) (Gregson)
23) Te Deum (Coronation) (Gregson)

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