CD featuring historical recordings of actors from the beginning of the recording era.

This unique and unusual compilation contains some of the greatest recordings from the beginning of the recording era. It includes a wide range of the works of Shakespeare, featuring Henry Irving, Ellen Tracy, Herbert Beerbohm Tree, John Barrymore, John Gielgud, Sybil Thorndike, Hugh Casson, Laurence Olivier and many more, with other memorable performances from Charles Laughton, Edith Evans, Laurel & Hardy, Bransby Williams, Dylan Thomas, Sarah Bernhardt, and others.

CD 1: Historical Shakespeare performances by Ainley, John Barrymore, Bourchier, Casson, Forbes-Robertson, John Gielgud (1920s and 1940s).

CD 2: A miscellany. Some startling historical performances in a wide range of works from Edith Evans, Charles Laughton, Noel Coward, Sarah Bernhardt, Fred Terry, Laurel and Hardy, Edwin Booth, Bransby Williams, Jean Cocteau, Feodor Chaliapin and others.

Herbert Beerbohm Tree
Arthur Bourchier
Lewis Waller
Frank Benson
Johnston Forbes Robertson
John Gielgud
Sybil Thorndike
Lewis Casson
John Barrymore
Laurence Olivier
Henry Irving
Edwin Booth
Ellen Terry
Noel Coward
Gertrude Lawrence
Fred Terry
Julia Neilson
Henry Ainley
Bransby Williams
Edith Evans
Charles Laughton
Laurel and Hardy
Bransby Williams
Sarah Bernhardt
Jean Mounet-Sully
Constant Coquelin
Feodor Chaliapin
Alexander Moissi

Running Time 2 hours 5 mins
Release Date 31/07/2000
Number of Discs 2

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