Laurence Olivier's production of Henry V.

Henry, the definitive call to arms, a patriotic saga awash with pageantry, battles, romance and political chicanery. Intended to rally Britain during the darkest days of World War II, the film shows how the star of England sought to stake an ancestral, royal claim on the soil of France.

Olivier mustered out of the navy to film this adaptation of Shakespeare’s history. This sumptuous Technicolor rendering features a thrilling re-creation of the battle of Agincourt, and Sir Laurence in his prime as director and actor.

Leslie Banks as the Chorus
Felix Aylmer as the Archbishop of Canterbury
Robert Helpmann as the Bishop of Ely
Vernon Greeves as The English Herald
Gerald Case as the Earl of Westmoreland
Griffith Jones as the Earl of Salisbury
Morland Graham as Sir Thomas Erpingham
Nicholas Hannen as the Duke of Exeter
Laurence Olivier as King Henry V of England
Ralph Truman as Mountjoy, The French Herald
Ernest Thesiger as Duke of Berri, French Ambassador
Frederick Cooper as Corporal Nym
Roy Emerton as Lieutenant Bardolph
Robert Newton as Ancient Pistol
George Cole as the Boy
George Robey as Sir John Falstaff
Harcourt Williams as King Charles VI of France
Russell Thorndike as the Duke of Bourbon
Leo Genn as The Constable of France
Francis Lister as the Duke of Orleans
Max Adrian as The Dauphin
Niall MacGinnis as MacMorris, I
Frank Tickle as The Governor of Harfleur
Renee Asherson as Princess Catherine
Ivy St. Helier as Alice
Janet Burnell as Queen Isabel of France
Valentine Dyall as the Duke of Burgundy

Certificate U
Running Time 137 mins
Region 2
Main Language English
Subtitles English
Release Date 07/04/2003

Number of Discs 1
Special Features
Audio commentary by film historian Bruce Eder
Theatrical trailer
Shakespearean Royalty: A chronology of England’s rulers
Stills galleries: the “Book of Hours” and production photos

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