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Paul as Benedick on a swing

We invited bloggers, Tweeters and other users of social media to get closer to Much Ado About Nothing production. Here are links to some of the photos, videos and discussions that resulted:

Hey, Look
'Shakespeare is much a part of our tradition as it is a part of British tradition'. Olivia Epps changes her approach to Shakespeare's play.

Jo Trainor reports the questions and answer session with the cast.

Next Dramatic Step
Charlie explains that 'the urge to get up and dance was overwhelming' and why it's now hard to see Much Ado performed in any other way.

Globetrotter postcards
Globetrotter explains that it's 'a story that you can very much see play out in modern day India without suspending your disbelief.'

The Story of My Life
Leicester Mark talks about the Indian setting and shares his video.

What's Peen Seen?
Char shares her photos of the staged scene and the Q and A.

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