Director interview

Michael Boyd © RSC

Michael Boyd was interviewed by Professor Jonathan Bate about Richard III for the Director Talk public event on 24 January 2007 in the Courtyard Theatre. Download the transcript to read the full interview.
Questions include:

  • When have you decided to set the play?
  • How does Richard's attitude to his appearance change?
  • Is there a particular image of Richard that you focussed on?
  • Your Richard seems like someone you could meet today in the street - how did you arrive at this interpretation?
  • What references do you make to your productions of the Henry VI trilogy? In particular, how do you make Clarence's dream clear for the audience?
  • Why do you think Shakespeare created such powerful women?
  • How does Margaret evolve through the tetralogy (Henry VI - Richard III)?
  • How do Anne and Elizabeth affect Richard?
  • The full text of Richard III takes about four hours to perform. How did you decide what to cut?
  • Politically, do you think Shakespeare was an optimist or a pessimist?
  • As a director, are you a conduit for the actors or more authoritarian?
  • How did you develop the music for this production?

Download transcript (PDF 55KB) »

Photo shows Michael Boyd © RSC

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