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    The Winter's Tale productions by the Royal Shakespeare Company

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  • Crown worn by Antony Sher, 1999

    Jewelled Crown

    Worn by Antony Sher as Leontes, The Winter's Tale, 1999

    This critically acclaimed production was directed by Gregory Doran and designed by Robert Jones and Tim Mitchell. The costume design and staging often reflected the religious aspects of the play. This crown is similar in design to a bishop's mitre, or papal crown.

  • The Finding of Perdita, c.1823

    The Finding of Perdita

    Henry Thomson (1773-1843), c.1823

    oil on canvas

    This painting shows Act III, scene 3 from The Winter's Tale in which the shepherd finds Perdita on the seashore. She has been left there by Antigonus who had arrived on a ship from Sicilia. As the shepherd examines the child a Clown appears and tells him that the ship has just been wrecked off shore and Antigonus has been attacked and eaten by a bear. They know the baby must be the daughter of a rich man because she is wrapped in a fine cloth and there is a bag of gold with her.

    Shepherd - 'Heavy matters! heavy matters! but look thee / here, boy. Now bless thyself: thou mettest with things / dying, I with things new-born...'

  • Poster for The Winter's Tale, 1982

    Poster for The Winter's Tale, 1982

    Barbican Theatre, London

    Designer: The Drawing Room

    Printer: G & B Arts

    This production was directed by Ronald Eyre and designed by Chris Dyer and Chris Ellis. Leontes was played by Patrick Stewart and Hermione by Gemma Jones. The falling snowflakes seem to transform into flowers as they settle on the ground. This is possibly a reference to the two separate kingdoms in the play and the different nature of the events in each one.

  • Waistcoat and Coat, Jeremy Irons, 1986

    Coat and waistcoat worn by Jeremy Irons as Leontes

    The Winter's Tale, 1986

    This production was directed by Terry Hands, the costume design was by Alexander Reid. The coat is made of a plush blue velvet and the waistcoat is blue silk with embroidery in silver thread. The costumes and set for this production were all white and blue.

  • Diana Wynyard as Hermione, 1948

    Photograph of Diana Wynyard as Hermione in The Winter's Tale

    Shakespeare Memorial Theatre, 1948

    This production was directed by Anthony Quayle and designed by Motley. Wynyard appeared as leading lady in 10 productions at the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre between 1948 and 1949. For example, she played Desdemona in Othello, Katharina in The Taming of the Shrew and Lady Macbeth in Macbeth.

    Image by Angus McBean © Royal Shakespeare Company

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