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March 20, 2013

York Theatre RoyalSo here we are in the beautiful city of York. Last week marked our first touring venue in Milton Keynes.

It was a busy week or restaging and teching on stage before we opened to our first touring audience. There is no doubt it feels different. The shift from a thrust stage to a proscenium arch stage felt huge, even for the very experienced amongst us.

The obvious adjustment is moving from playing all sides to just out front, but if affects the vocal requirement too. I personally found some scenes easier and more effective than in Stratford, however some felt tricky.

The biggest challenge, that will be ongoing, is adjusting to being side lit, which demands constant attention so that you are not blocking your fellow actors light and making sure you can also be seen.

Overall though we are excited to be back together after a two week break and out on the road. We are touring to some great places and are excited to see what people think of the show. I am sure there will be lots of fun beyond the job too; nice meals out and touristy days etc.

A week in York, then onto Nottingham next week…

by Bethan Walker  |  No comments yet

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