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Too much coffee

December 21, 2012

Too much coffee, butterflies in my tummy and lots of slightly awkward hellos and introductions. My first thought was, wow there's a lot of people, I wonder what on earth they all do, followed by the dread of the approaching read through. Looking around the circle it was apparent I wasn't the only one, 'though I did meet a few faces across the circle who gave me warm smiles which immediately made me feel a little better.

Many more coffees and a few more awkward introductions later we went upstairs for the model box presentation of what will be our set. It's vast and wonderful and so inspiring, we are clearly in the hands of an extraordinary team.

The afternoon proved hot, sweaty, physical and hilarious as we all attempted to country dance with a group of strangers.

Here we are, two weeks later. We've learned to clog (don't ask) to dance, to speak verse, to play the spoons, we've been to Stratford, we've had two cast birthdays and a master class from Mr Doran himself.

Two of my fellow cast mates made comments this week that really rang true for me, one is that this is a particularly fun cast (doesn't always happen!) and the other that we will, for the next few months, be each other's family.

I think they're right, we're blessed with a beautifully complex and human play, and a fantastic team - what could be better?

by Bethan Walker  |  2 comments

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Jan 3, 9:41pm
Maurice Cook

It was fascinating to read your coffee blog and to have an inside view of rehearsals for such an amazing production of The Winter's Tale. I have just finished reading the play for the first time and I can't wait for my visit to RSC on 5th February! As Emilia , you must have a very close appreciation of Tara as Hermione. I look forward to seeing you too in the part. Let me encourage you to great things. I have seen many RSC productions and they have all been fantastic! Go girl! Do it and do it well! And I look forward to your next blog! Maurice Cook

Jan 17, 8:24pm
Bethan Walker


Thank you so much for your kind words.

I do indeed work with Tara very closely. She is an extraordinarily talented actress and a joy to be around. I am learning so much from her.

We are now one week away from opening. It's all very exciting. Our first full run through of the show is tomorrow.


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