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September 11, 2012

I went for a meeting for television yesterday. Never sure why, but I always feel more comfortable in theatre meetings. Maybe it's just practice, but I think it's because I suspect that television work is more based on looks. And, I'll let you into a little secret: I hate my looks.

And here's another secret; most actors are dissatisfied with their looks. Surprising isn't it? Not that I lack confidence. I most assuredly don't. But in theatre, I believe that you can convince casting directors etc. that you are right for the part. Perfect for the part. That they would be foolish to even look at anyone else.

Sometimes they just want you to talk. But if you are at my level, then you usually have to prove yourself. Bring it on. I feel like I have been proving myself ever since my first scream. I think you need that chip on your shoulder, that desire to prove over and over again. It must be insufferable to live with. So says the Brunette.

Some people have faces that are perfect for the screen. Something magical happens. I once worked with a famous actress. I met her first in the canteen in a very dusty part of Namibia. It was one of my first films.

She was very pleasant and a little flirtatious even, but no great looker. Which was a surprise because she was well renowned as being one of the most beautiful women in the world. She was very, very smart. And opinionated but she actually looked unwell. Stick-thin and pale to the point of translucence.

I watched her do her scene after lunch. It seemed like she did very little. I was a little disappointed. Then I watched the playback (when the director and others can huddle around a monitor and see what has just been shot). She was beautiful. Kick yourself in the crotch for not being near her beautiful. Lump in throat and kiss me kiss me kiss me beautiful. It was magic. Twenty-four times per second.

Anyway, I don't have that. I have character and brains. It will have to do. What else am I good for?


Andrew French

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