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Something special

September 25, 2012

There is something special about encountering a school for a second time with a different show. The teachers may not have changed but the students certainly have.

I remember very clearly going to a Guisborough School with Hamlet and thinking I had met both students and teachers that took pride in their education, and was slightly gutted that we were not returning to it with King Lear.

But whilst in Middlesborough we had an unexpected group of people turn up who had made an hour journey to watch our version of King Lear. It was a group students from Guisborough School led by a lovely teacher called Denise.

I was once again astonished at the intelligence of the young group of pupils who fired incredible questions at us. In particular a young man called Ewan. Ewan asked the question of whether the demise of Lears' kingdom was due to the fact that Cordelia tells the truth, or whether Edmund tells lies. If Cordelia had lied, would Regan and Goneril try and stage a coup to take Cordelia's land? If Edmund had told the truth then would his treatment by his father be justified?

As human beings we are forced into situations where sometimes we have to choose between the truth and a lie but either way we must accept the consequences of our choices and the outcome they present to us.

by Dharmesh Patel  |  No comments yet

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