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September 11, 2012

Dharmesh in a wheelchair in rehearsalsWe had our final week of rehearsals in the safety of our rehearsal room. In many aspects it's like the classroom - a place to share ideas, try new things and and know that you are in the safety of your company or ensemble who support you no matter what.

But this week we saw around 30 young people see our show during a rehearsal week prior to us entering the school doors to see what works and what doesn't.

No matter how long you do a job for - no matter how long you practice or rehearse, the moment an audience is introduced a performance changes.

You shift to try and give more energy to a performance because you feel an audience want to see you work hard.

It's similar to being in a school team - on the day of the event you give it your all but we always forget the fundamental thing of our job as actors - simply tell the story and let Shakespeare's words do the work.

Dharmesh sqautting on setTime and time again you forget because you feel you need to impress more and more. And the more experience you gain the more confident you become to try new radical ideas.

It's amazing how much I'm always reminded by people that are younger then me that keeping it simple is always best.

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