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June 11, 2012

Sorry I have not been attending to your needs. I have been a little busy recently. More of that later.

So. Where were we? I have noticed that my blogs tend to be quite rambling and long so I will try and be concise and still retain my trademark wit and verve.

We have opened to rave reviews (so far) which is nice. Lots of actors say they don't read reviews. I am never sure if I believe them. Even if they don't there is a swagger or a slump in the shoulders of actors depending on what the critics have said. Which is crazy, really. as critics are likely to be as insightful or as mistaken as anyone else.

Press night was a wonderful experience. I thought I was terrible but it was wonderful to watch the rest of the cast rise above the nerves and really enjoy it. The Director does something clever so that the pressure is off the cast on what is usually the most unholy of nights. But still, the tension ratchets. Little by little. Bit by bit. But the Director somehow makes it seem fine. With heartfelt speeches and wit and decisiveness. And casting well and having a great team around him. I miss rehearsals though. just the pure fun of it. Of trying to get it right and mostly failing. But trying anyway.

For those who don't know, press night is not just the night where the press come in and pass judgement on what you have held most dear for 6-8 weeks. It is also when friends and family often come to see the show. And agents. And casting directors. And Directors. And you have to act like you are as free as you have ever felt.

Flowers come to stage door. And cards. Lots and lots of cards. Cards that you mean to keep. And maybe you do. But we beat all that pressure by... performing a matinee! It is unheard of to mess with that unholiest of days because you need to conserve your psychic, emotional and physical strength.

You need to rush out and buy all those lovely cards that you have to give to all those lovely people that really do intend to keep them. When we were told that we would be performing, several of the more experienced actors raised quizzical eyebrows. But what do we know? The Director knows. And that's why he has his job and we have ours.

So it has been quite a busy time what with moving from London, moving into your new place in Stratford (Waterside! Bliss.) Finding out how many times you can make a trip to Marks and Spencer's seem justified (Or Carluccio's!) And learning understudy lines (yes, I know: still!!) And there was something else that has kept me occupied...oh, yes: On the 8th June at 15:12 my partner gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.

I am a Father and although I know they are expensive and demanding and loud and messy; I cannot stop smiling. Am looking at him now, and through the window I can see the new RST building and behind that, the river Avon. Life can be hard but sometimes; sometimes it is just absolutely perfect.

Bye for now. Will tell you name of new member of the company soon (suggestions?)

Til then,

Andrew French

by Andrew French  |  2 comments

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Jun 13, 8:49pm
Angie White

Congratulations, Andrew, on the birth of your son!
Sorry to have missed you on Saturday. Hope you have recovered from whatever it was.
Take care,

Aug 24, 8:52am
Andrew French

Angie White? Have we met? I have a vague memory that name is familiar. Let me know. And thank you.

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