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Moving to Fairyland

March 30, 2012

Alex Walman as King JohnSo with a week to go before we move up to Stratford, we have started running the whole play.

Tensions are starting to mount as the cast are exhausted, but I live in the hope/ delusion that once we get to Fairyland (Stratford) the adrenaline will combine with the fresh country air to give us all a well-needed kick of energy!

The show is in fine shape and looking very exciting! If Starkey billed it as one of Shakespeare's dullest plays, and can confidently bill it as one of theatre's least dull productions ever!

Think party poppers, balloons, and even karaoke! The plot jumps farcically between enemies and allegiances, parties and battles, so where else to turn for aesthetic inspiration but to the world of celebrity, where marriage, divorce, family feud and overdoses are all in a day's work?

When you come to watch, look out for glimpses of the glitterati - think Kate Moss' wedding or the gossip pages of Tatler - who knows, some of them might even come and see the show!

by Sophie Ivatts  |  1 comment

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Apr 27, 2:52pm

Hi sophie.

Last Saturday (matinee) I saw King John and thought it was superb. The cast worked really hard and it was a tale well told - different certainly!
The next day we popped into a Farm Shop not many miles from Stratford. There the owner was regaling a local he knew with tales of how he and his grandchildren had enjoyed a great afternoon at the RSC the day before. He was praising KJ for being easy for them all to understand. He told me he was not a regular theatre goer.
So in one performance you struck the right note for a regular and not-so-regular. That must say something. And no, I was not tempted to paint silly faces on the ballons! keep up the good work

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