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January 3, 2013

It's New Year's Eve. Were in full swing in rehearsals today, though I'm sure we're all secretly looking forward to our first glass of bubbly this evening.

Christmas was a wonderful blur of great food, party games, walks on the beach and festive movies. All interspersed with me running upstairs to learn lines.

This has been the theme for me for the last month. I learn lines everywhere. When I get up with a cup of tea, on the tube, on the way to work, at work, during lunch, walking around M and S, when I get home, and in bed. So when the kind lady behind the till is asking me if I'd like a 5p bag, little does she know I'm actually in 1860s Sicilia.

In this production I play Emilia, but will understudy Hermione and Perdita. It's a challenge, but one I'm relishing. The cast of understudies have been given a date by which to learn their lines. So that is our focus at the moment. The sooner we're off book, the sooner we can start to get it on its feet.

The atmosphere is great in rehearsals, everyone is working hard, most through some sort of winter bug. We laugh a lot, mostly at or with Nick Holder. You'll see what I mean when you see the show. He is also my new country dancing partner. Wish me luck. If you see me corpsing, it's his fault!

Here's to a happy and healthy 2013!

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