Whispers from the Wings

I'm ready for my close-up

November 23, 2012

It seems Moscow brings out the best in us - a moment of high drama in last night's performance.

Some of us had noticed previously that there were a number of people taking photos during the performance. In England, this is strictly verboten, but perhaps this was just the way they do things here.

We were informed that there was an announcement before each performance to ask patrons to refrain from such behaviour. When it had happened previously we mentioned it to Ben Tyreman, our company manager and I presume, it was swiftly dealt with.

But last night, there was a handsome chap in the front row who decided to capture our magical performances by taking pictures throughout the show. With a flash! Hmmm.

He clearly was enraptured with the show, because every time I looked at him he was keenly trying to follow the show by reading the surtitles. That is, when he wasn't clicking away like a Russian David Bailey.

In one particular scene, it seems as if all got too much for one of our actors. I could sense something was awry. Just before I came on, I felt that the actor was distracted. He was mad as hell and want gonna stand for it any more.

I came on early because I thought something had gone wrong or he had forgotten his lines. Once I was on, I could see the issue. What to do? Carry on regardless, I supposed.

But no. The actor stopped in the middle of the scene and asked our charming patron to desist. Everyone froze. The other actor sharing the scene, thought the actor had dried and cleverly, supplied his cue line.

He waved off her assistance with an imperial flap of his hands and gave the audience member the evil eye. My heart thumped maybe three times before the scene continued. Glorious.

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