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January 31, 2013

snowy trees and riverWell here we are in beautiful Stratford-upon-Avon.

When we arrived, it was covered in snow and looking rather like Narnia. We toasted oursleves with a glass of wine and looked forward to the next few weeks of mayhem.

Opening night was very exciting; getting our half, quarter hour, then beginners call, then stepping out onto that stage, with hundreds of faces smiling back, lights, costumes, live band etc. It reminds you why we do this.

The theatre is stunning, beautifully designed and great to play. The backstage area is run like a finely tuned instrument. If a little daunting at first, I am now finding my way around the maze of rehearsal rooms, green room, canteen, post room, wig room, dressing room etc.

The staff team is quite something too, there appears to be a staff member for just about any job you could imagine. It truely is an impressive organisation, and really is our second home while we are here.

Our dressing room is frankly marvellous, Sally Bankes, Charlotte Mills and I have been causing all sorts of mischief.

We are still rehearsing in the day; tweaking, cutting and changing bits to try and make it the best show we can. We have a big week this week, press night, opening night, and understudy rehearsals begin on Friday.

Must not spend too much time in the Dirty Duck!

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