Whispers from the Wings


December 20, 2012

Youssef as Tu'an GuA flock of geese. Flying in a V. You know why they do that? The aerodynamics of flight mean that the one up front beating the air creates a drag and the goose behind rides that slip stream thereby using about half the effort.

The V shape therefore is the way they each create a slip stream for the goose behind them. So when you see a flock of geese flying, you'll always see them switching positions and taking over from the lead bird to give them time to rest. Beautiful innit?

You can accomplish anything with a team that works together in harmony.

Just walked back home from tea and cake after The Orphan of Zhao understudy. That went so well and yet I barely remember what I did. Everyone seemed very chuffed with what they saw.

As I walked back I could have sworn that the sky was a little brighter. The air a little lighter. I never usually like to think about the work I've just done (or even just seen).

I've always found that talking about art, theatre, films, acting, whatever, always diminishes it in some way and thoughts tend to lock words in my head. Acting especially is so ethereal and intangible. Often times you're working off of your subconscious and instinct. You don't know why you're moved this way or that but you follow it in darkness.

Then someone asks you how it went or what you feel about how it went and all of a sudden you have to make a choice and concretize it. You have to use words and that limits the scope of your experience. However, despite this, today I'm happy.

Once again however, the credit must go to our amazing assistant director Zoe Waterman. I worked with Zoe about four years ago and always knew she'd be great but she really outdid herself on this one. We're definitely lucky to have her here. She's fantastically talented and I owe her for being so patient with us all.

As with last week's Boris run, she only had four days to get this show ready and managed to pull it off effortlessly it seemed. Greg Doran came on stage at the curtain call and gave us a very generous amount of praise and called Zoe up on stage to take credit. And rightly so.

This wonderful 2012-13 World Elsewhere company continues to amaze me with its generosity and support. There's no denying it ... we are knackered. But we continue to pull each other forward. Taking position at the front of the V until another comes to take over for a bit.

For now, I'm going to enjoy my two and a half hour break on this crisp Friday afternoon before tonight's main show. Monday, we begin rehearsals for A Life of Galileo. Bring it.

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