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Hard at work

April 16, 2013

Dressing room in BrooklynWorking on a Sunday! How horrific. But as the picture testifies, it's not really that hard. This is Simon Manyonda and Chinna Wodu seriously prepping for our Sunday performance: 144 performances, we are allowed to take some liberties.

Actually, that's unfair. This is taken after song call, fight call, vocal warm up. I've just left some members of the cast having a sit-up competition. Yeah, that's how we roll, ya'all. Ok, I'll stop now. Am noticing more slang sneaking into the company's language now. Good for our CVs, I guess.

We had an RSC Party last night. There have been a lot of parties. I made a fool of myself in front of Sir Tony Sher last night. If you haven't read his book, Year of the King. It is very good. I get a little tongue tied around him. I think I've mentioned in a previous post that he let me warm up with him many years ago. He made me want to act. Damn him.

Shows are going well. No injuries so far. Voices all sound a little tired. It has been a long week. Plus air conditioning. But day off tomorrow to sightsee. Will probably stay in bed and watch TV. Or go to Central Park!

The houses have been incredibly enthusiastic. Keep bumping into people around town who are so grateful to us for coming, which is nice.

There is a debate in the dressing room right now about nutrition and... how we get rid of our... waste. Not so nice. Yesterday we had a heated argument about language and race. From the sublime to the ridiculous. Again.

Have a nice day.

Sorry about that.

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