Whispers from the Wings

Going to town

May 4, 2012

At the after-show party Thelma Holt, both a highly respected West End Producer and an RSC Associate Producer is extremely enthusiastic about the play and says she wants to 'Take it into Town'.

'It must be seen in London' she says. Very flattering, great to hear. 'Fat Chance!' we all say to each other. A play about the making of the King James Bible, with a large cast? Yeah, backers must be queuing up to grab this one.

The notices appear. Most of us try not to read them. We will wait until the run is over. We have strong willpower. Within a few hours the word is out. The notices are extremely good. Four/Five stars. I don't look. I'm past all that these days.

Then I get a text from a friend. He tells me that not only has The Guardian loved it, but, I 'get a nice mention'. This is hard to ignore. The Guardian is the paper we all want to be mentioned in.

Michael Billington is the most respected and knowledgeable critic in the country. Do I rush out to buy a copy? No, I do not. But, four days later browsing online, I surrender and read Billington. Nice mention. But, I ignored all the other papers. Honest, cross my heart.

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