Whispers from the Wings

First day

April 3, 2013

Ben TyremanSo. Are those lines still there? Hmmm. Nearly all the gang are back together. So wonderful to see everyone again.

So many things to consider when taking a show (especially a hit show, excuse me!) the below pic of Ben Tyreman our company manager giving us details of tickets, plane travel, Ohio, hotels, partners and children travelling over... etc etc. Phew! I almost feel sorry for the man. Almost. Because we are going to New York (concrete jungle where dreams are made of)!

I really thought that I would not be back. But life shifts in many strange ways to do with you as she wills. I always think of life as female - I don't know why. Ben has just mentioned e-tickets! It's all very complicated. At least to a Luddite like myself. And where are our passports? Luggage capacity is 23kilos! People now worrying about how much their make up will weigh. Ooh, there is a pool at the hotel! It's a hard, hard life.

We now are talking about money. Sigh. It always seems to me that money is the bane of my life. Mainly, I never ave enough of it. And now we are going to the Shopping Capital of the World. Sigh.

Now being scared to death by tales of high cost phone calls and data roaming. Guess we will be writing letters and postcards. Remember them? Weren't they nice?

The first run went well. All new actors did brilliantly. I forget how to act Shakespeare. Which might not be a bad thing. Now getting our passports back! Phew. Terrible photos, some looked at and laughed,some very quickly popped into bags. All is vanity.

Such energy with this crew. I have had four jobs since we broke up. (Yes, four! Aren't I brilliant? Or lucky? Lee Trevino, the golfer once said 'the more I practice, the luckier I get.' But actually, that's false. It is all luck. Almost all. It's the almost that's the trick though isn't it?)

Four jobs and none with the volume, energy, swagger of this production. It's so ... sexy. No wonder we do so well at the box office. Have I just jinxed it? I defy all augury.

By the way: hello! Nice to be back. Stay with me. This time I have pics (bought an iPad on the Russian leg of the tour).

New York and Ohio: are you ready? 'Cos we're coming!

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